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Dear partners,

the workshop in Glasgow will take place from February 7th-9th, that is from Wednesday to Friday

2-nd International Project Meeting

23.10.2017 - On October 20, 2017 Bishkek, the partners of the Erasmus + "Investment in Entrepreneurs Universities of the Caucasus and Central Asia" (EUCA-INVEST) took part in the International Scientific and Practical Conference: "Social and Economic Problems of Entrepreneurship  in the Conditions of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) conducted on the basis of the Kyrgyz Economic University. The reports were launched  by Kai Gleissner - the project coordinator of Erasmus+ EucaInVest, the Magdeburg University of Otto von Guerike, Germany and Almaz Kadylaliev - Vice-Rector for International Relations and Projects presented KEU, Kyrgyzstan.




On October 21, 2017 in Bishkek, the 2nd international meeting of the Erasmus project + "Investing in entrepreneurial universities of the Caucasus and Central Asia" (EUCA-INVEST) took place  at the Kyrgyz Economic University. The meeting was attended by partners of the EUCA-INVEST project and External project expert: 


Carlos Machado  - European Union, External project expert;

Kai Gleißner  - Germany, Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg;

Jiri Velinsky – Czech Republic, Masaryk University;

Paolo Afonso  - Portugal, Universidade do Minho;

Pablo Lopez Alonso – UK, Glasgow Caledonian University;

Jan De Schampheleire – Belgium, Vrije Universiteit Brussel;

Jacques Vilrokx  - Belgium, Vrije Universiteit Brussel;

Deimantė Budriūnaitė – Lithuania, Kazimiero Simonavičiaus Universitetas;

Andrius Bagdonas - Lithuania, Kazimiero Simonavičiaus Universitetas;

Rusudan Chachanidze  - Georgia, Caucasus University;

Tea Kordzadze - Georgia, Kutaisi University;

Lela Kelbakiani  - Georgia, Kutaisi University;

Akaki Kheladze – Georgia, Bank of Georgia University;

Beka Dalakishvili - Georgia, Bank of Georgia University;

Keti Darakhvelidze – Georgia, Ilia State University;

Salome Shedania - Georgia, Ilia State University;

Zhyldyzbek Zhakshylykov – Kyrgyzstan, International Ataturk Alatoo University;

Elvira Sagyntay kyzy – Kyrgyzstan, Issyk kul State University;

Aktalina Torogeldieva – Kyrgyzstan, University of economy and enterprise;

Tatiana Kuzmina – Kyrgyzstan, Education Network;

Almaz Kadyraliev – Kyrgyzstan, Kyrgyz Economic University.



The participants discussed the work and results of the activities of the created creative laboratories in Kyrgyzstan and Georgia within the framework of the project and the implementation of the project as a whole. What syllabuses were developed for the independent work of creative laboratories.

In the meeting of the debate, questions were raised about how to improve the activity of creative laboratories. How to establish cooperation between universities of the partners of the project. It was suggested to make a strategic vision of all activities of the EUCA-INVEST project, including creative laboratories. What is the vision, mission, what resources are the partners of the project. Suggestions were made to make a SWOT analysis and develop a common development strategy.

And also,  the need to enhance cooperation among the universities of Kyrgyzstan and Georgia. Activities in the universities of Georgia on the creation of creative laboratories are poorly covered, and there is no exchange of experience with universities of Kyrgyzstan.


In Georgia, creative laboratories were established recently in two universities - in Kutaisi University and the Bank of Georgia University University. For today, the creative  laboratories has just started its work and will soon present  the first startups.

During the meeting, the issues of the themes of startups for creative laboratories were also discussed, start-ups should be  aim at achieving not only at high tech, but also at social innovations. As it was done in Kyrgyz universities, for example, a good start-up Eco-Courier. There are several start-ups in other universities.



Issues of cooperation  between the universities of Kyrgyzstan were touched upon. So, in Kyrgyzstan, universities have a small number of students than, the universities in Portugal for 20,000 students. For Portugal, one university is enough to provide for itself by people. And in Kyrgyzstan, the University teaches 3,500 students on average. It would be possible for Kyrgyz universities to conduct joint competitions at the national level, etc. Universities of Kyrgyzstan could strengthen interaction with each other and share  resources. 


All the information that the project participants received at the last meeting in Portugal should already be implemented in the activity of creative laboratories in Kyrgyzstan. The activity of creative laboratories should not focus only on one faculty of the university, the focus should be for the whole university. Participation can take and the students, and teachers, and researchers, i.e. all. This can be formal or informal cooperation. Within the framework of formal cooperation, universitets can sign a memorandum of cooperation between themself and their creative laboratories.




Workshop in Portugal

12.09.2017 - From 5.-9.September the workshop "Improving the skills and competencies of staff working at CreaLABs" took place in Guimares, Portugal. The participants could achieve new ideas for the organisation of their CreaLabs and how to build up new organisation structures.




Coordination meeting of Kyrgyz national partners

04.07.2017 - In June 29-30 the coordination meeting of Kyrgyz national partners of EUCA – INVEST ERASMUS+ project was held at the University of Economy and Enterprise (UEE), Jalal-Abad. During these two days the representatives of UEE demonstrated their CreaLab, which was established in the framework of EUCA – INVEST project, also partners from KEU, IKSU and IAU presented their experiences and achievements that were reached in their CreaLabs. Moreover, project partners discussed internal ...QCP and preparations for External Quality Control as well as future project actions by work packages.

National partners of EUCA – INVEST project express their gratitude to UEE for organizing such productive and fruitful meeting, particularly to Aktalina Torogeldivea, Nisso Sarieva, volunteers – students and others who were involved during this event.





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